Join Us!

Are you interested in….

  • having fun
  • doing stuff
  • going camping
  • learning new skills
  • doing crazy stuff you can’t do anywhere else

Then do we have an opportunity for you.

Registration Fee for the Scouting year 2017-2018 is $195.00 per youth plus a $40.00 fee to be held for fundraising (refundable upon fundraising targets being met)

Online registration will start just as soon as our returning members have finished registering and can be done at  Right now you can put yourself on a waitlist for when space opens!


  • awallwork

    Hi Kathy

    Sorry about the slow response (the comment feed was not working properly) – what information are you seeking? Your daughter would be a perfect fit for our Scout section meeting Wednesday nights!

  • awallwork

    Hi Lucrezia

    What would you like to know? If you’d like to register, take a look at our join us page, it has lots of info 🙂

  • Melissa Leung

    When will 2018-2019 Registration be?

    • awallwork

      Hi Melissa,

      Registration for new members opens up on May 14th online. Best register early as space is tight. With that being said, if you would be interested in volunteering it’s a guaranteed slot in 🙂

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