Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My son/daughter is e.g. 12 (somewhere between 11-14 years of age) and I have a son/daughter that is e.g. 9 (somewhere between 8-10), what “section” should they be in?

A: Any child between 11-14 years of age can join scouts (there is a difference between beavers, cubs, and scouts.). Any child between 8-10 years of age can join cubs. Any child between 5-7 can join beavers.


Q: What will the children in SCOUTS learn?

A: They will learn anything for example: How to use a ax, knife, stove, gas lantern. How to pitch a tent. What to pack for what seasonal camp. Independence (cooking food, cleaning dishes).


Q: What are the sleeping arrangements?

A: The Scouts will sleep in tents with other scouts of there own gender.